united nations - wedding life #1
performance |video
  • wenda gu’s wedding life #1

    a cultural marriage wedding ceremony

    a special art performance for asian art museum of san francisco, february 8, 1999

    artist: wenda gu (groom, chinese), collaborator: frances kaplan (bride, australian ameri-can),

    minister: cameron c orwin (6 years old, philippino and caucasian hybrid)

    process of the performance:

    a love experience #1, cutting hair into hair powder: frances will cut caucasian hair and wenda gu will cut asian hair. #2, mixing caucasian and asian hair powder. #3, putting hair into ink. #4, grounding ink with hair.

    a wedding ceremony: a caucasian and philippino hybrid child makes vows in front of a groom wenda gu(in a costume is made of shiny red silk velvet. it is composed symmetrically half of the classical confucian scholar robe and half of a western tuxedo. use mixed english and chinese hair embroidered synthesized english and chinese words).the bride frances kaplan(in a white traditional gown). the child plays three ways: #1, he is the wedding minister; #2, he is the symbol of future child from this wedding; #3, he is an future american dreamer.

    a life experience: creating calligraphy: the bride frances painting large english letters on white paper covered ground; then the groom wenda gu create and interwoven chinese seal script into english.