scholarly ink art & cultural revolution political pop - wisdom comes from tranquillity
wisdom comes from tranquillity |the making
  • Notes on Mythos of Lost Dynasties—Modern Meaning of Totems and Taboos, Mythos of Lost Dynasties—I Evaluate Characters Written by Three Men and Three Women, Wisdom Comes From Tranquility, He X She: I have talked about the calligraphic significance of the Cultural Revolutionary Big Character Posters in many interviews. It is the third major reason why I created a conceptual ink art with pseudo, wrong, and non-standard characters. I also believe within contemporary Chinese calligraphy from Liberation in 1949 onwards to the present day, the part with the richest independent value within contemporary Chinese calligraphy—and written with real passion and belief—is the calligraphy of the laboring masses: the calligraphy of the Big Character Poster.  The “Cultural Revolutionary Big Character Poster” calligraphy included many grammatical and spelling mistakes and so forth, since many of them were workers and peasants who never received an education. The crosses—red crosses, black crosses, red circles—in I Evaluate Characters Written by Three Men and Three Women were in fact influenced by the Cultural Revolution. It was also the earliest time when I made ink art together with Political Pop into reality; it was perhaps one of the first works of Political Pop within the movement of contemporary art in China. Moreover this kind of Political Pop has a value which is independent from the majority of the Pop in our contemporary art, which is a transplanted Western copy. Mythos of Lost Dynasties—Modern Meaning of Totems and Taboos is one of the most representative works; other representative works include Wisdom Comes From Tranquility and He X She.

    wisdom comes from tranquillity

    a mixed media ink and woven installation commissioned by zhejiang academy of arts, china, 1985

    13th international biennale of tapestry, laussane, switzerland, 1987

    silk, cotton, wool, hemp, banboo, ink, rice paper, lacquer, weaving, tradisional mounting, lacquer, splashing ink

    500cm high x 800cm wide x 80cm deep